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  • Happy Memorial Day 2016!

  • Why You Should Use Outdoor Floor Lamps

    If you are lucky enough to live in a place that is always sunny with great weather you can probably decorate your outside space with any lamp you choose, but if you live somewhere where the possibility of rain or snow is in the forecast you may want to decorate with a lamp specially made for outdoor use.

    This outdoor floor lamp is perfect for a outdoor patio!

    What's the Difference Between and Outdoor Lamp and a Regular Lamp?

    The difference between a regular floor lamp and an outdoor floor lamp is the construction and materials used. The materials used in outdoor lamps are rust proof and the shades are made from materials that are waterproof.In addition to weather-proof materials the bases of these lamps are often weighted to make sure that they won't be blown away by high winds.

    These features are why you should invest in outdoor lamps, they will have more longevity on your patio and are safer to use outside than a regular lamp. Some outdoor lamps even have solar panels enabling you to charge them with the power of the sun all day and then use the lamp all night.

    This outdoor floor lamp would be great in a pool side tiki bar!

    How Do You Know the Difference Between an Outdoor Lamp and an Indoor Lamp?

    Outdoor lamps are made so chic and stylish that you won't know the difference by sight. Outdoor floor lamps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, you will definitely be able to find an outdoor floor lamp that compliment your outdoor space, make a statement, and are functional for your family and friends to enjoy your patio or deck all year round.

    This outdoor patio is greatly impoved by the outdoor floor lamp

    Where Can You Use Outdoor Lamps?

    The beauty of an outdoor lamp is that you can use it anywhere and, unlike lamp posts that are permanently affixed to a location, these outdoor lamps can be moved about or switched out easily when they aren't needed anymore.

    Some outdoor floor lamps don't even need an electrical socket to operate, they are solar powered, so you can use them wherever they are needed, whether it be on the patio, by the pool, or even in the garden.

    Now that you know the benefits of outdoor lamps which features do you like best? Where would you use them in your home?

    Images: Euro Style Lighting;

  • Modern Guest Room Style Ideas

    While it may not be your priority upon moving in, the guest room is an important room to consider. It's an opportunity to try new things, and at the same time making your guests feel special.

    Scandinavian-style guest room with gallery wall above the bed

    Dark accent wall for guest room style

    Maybe you've always wanted a dark wall, but not sure about it? Try it in the guest room! Play around with new design ideas and you may love them, like this dark accent wall above.

    This room features lots of style, but also the small details that make a room comfortable, like accessible seating (besides the bed) and bedside lighting.

    Bed with wooden headboard in front of wall with graphic wall paper and modern metal wall art

    Graphic wall art with metal wall art

    Try some wild wall covering that you may not unleash on the rest of your home. This guest room above features so much style, I would even make it my full-time room.

    The metal wall art against the fun wall covering, paired with bold black wall lighting is genius.

    Modern guest room with bedding in multiple patterns

    Pattern bedding for a guest room.

    Does your master bedroom have solid, monotone bedding, but you wish you could turn up the pattern dial? That's what your stylish guest room is for!

    This room above has so much personality, your guests are sure to feel welcome.

    Images from The Ultralinx, Design Milk, Basiclabel

  • Stay Safe With Step Lighting

    The last thing anyone wants is to trip and fall on dark deck stairs. Poor lighting is often the culprit, but it can be difficult to find the right lighting. Deck lighting needs to be weather proof, bright, and durable.

    Homeowners need discrete, yet powerful, lights to create a safe and stylish backyard. The following step lighting options, however, will save the day.

    The best lighting set up allows you to see the steps, not the fixture. The well-designed Kichler Half Moon LED Deck Light work with any space.. 

    Half-moon LED deck lights in bronze

    Add a handsome energy-efficient accent to your exterior space with this half moon style LED deck light in a rich and textured architectural bronze finish. The 3000K color temperature integrated LED array casts a wonderful warm white light that will illuminate decks, patios, boathouses and much more.

    For an even more low-profile option, consider the this Louvered LED Step Light in Brushed Nickel.

    Matte brushed nickel louvered step light

    Designed to exceed standards for home, commercial and industrial use, this louvered step light with a durable metal horizontal-oriented face plate is finished in gleaming brushed nickel that will withstand wet outdoor environments and look great indoors.

    Its long-lasting, energy-saving LED bulb offers instant-on functionality, stable color, and production of virtually no UV or infrared radiation, which can fade indoor furnishings and art.

    Low-voltage deck light with a hammered bronze roof and geometric cutouts

    If you prefer to make more of a statement with your step lighting, this artistic option may be for you.

    The beautiful Tannery Bronze Deck Light is also highly productive. From Kichler's outdoor lighting collection, this low voltage deck light features a hammered roof and comes in a textured tannery bronze finish.

    These deck lights provide safety around steps and balcony areas as well as adding a warm and welcoming 3000K light, which emits a glow similar to an incandescent bulb. This energy-efficient deck light is for use with low voltage landscape lighting systems.

    A more contemporary outdoor lighting solution comes from designer Hinkley Lighting.

    Contemporary bronze outdoor LED step light with ribbed inset square

    A subtle, yet stylish, choice, the Luna LED Bronze Step Light is a great way to ensure proper lighting of stairs and other outdoor areas.

    The inset square design is accented with a slanted, ribbed panel underneath the LED bulb, which provides light output similar to a 20 watt incandescent bulb. This dimmable light is excellent for creating the perfect mood.

    With the right deck and safety-conscious step lighting, you can create a safe and stylish outdoor area. The right lighting plan can bring a yard to resort-level design. Take care to find the best lights for your space, and you’ll be rewarded with years of high-quality lighting.

    Images: Euro Style Lighting

  • Outdoor Fire Pits Aren't just for Summer Camps Anymore!

    When people think of outdoor fire pits they think of quaint cabins and rustic cottages, but fire pits have evolved and now they are just as varied in design as the homes they reside in!

    No matter what style your home is, you will be able to complement your decor and personal style with a modern outdoor fire pit.

    Sleek and Modern

    Modern gel-fueled outdoor fire pit with a dark gray stucco finish

    A modern fire pit? It's true! These fire pits will add a sophisticated element to the outside space of your home. These fire pits burn gel fuel which burns clean, meaning there is no smoke or fumes, and you can add a glass screen that will enable you to see the fire from all angles. Since they use gel fuel to burn you can add these gorgeous crystals to the base of the fire pit to add some major glam to your outdoor space.

    This look is perfect for a contemporary home, and you can add more than one fire pit to light the whole space up with a flickering and romantic glow; it will also warm up your outdoor spaces on chilly nights.

    Modern Wood Burning Fireplaces

    Wood-burning outdoor fire pit on a stone patio

    Modern wood burning outdoor fire pits are the best of both worlds. You get the classic fire pit experience with the added benefit of a lovely design element to enhance the style of your outdoor space.

    Modern wood burning fire pits usually have an added design element that sets them apart from basic fire pits, such as mixed metals like copper and steel, like the fire pit as shown above. They are perfect for gathering around with friends and family to enjoy a summer evening.


    Rustic clay outdoor fire pit on a wood deck
    Rustic fireplaces are perfect for an Arts and Crafts home or a cabin. They exude charm and classic sensibilities. This example is made of clay and has a forest animal motif around the fire pit itself. It will warm up any night and its charming exterior will add that special element to a cabin or crafts style home.

    It is the perfect fire pit for family get-togethers and many wonderful family memories will be made around this perfect rustic fire pit.

    Which outdoor fire pit style would you choose to enjoy this summer with?

    Images: Euro Style Lighting

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