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  • Mixed Lighting in a Modern Kitchen

    Sometimes, complicated is better. Like when it comes to kitchen lighting... Go ahead, mix it up and complicate things.

    Modern kitchen with mixed lighting styles.

    The kitchen above somehow mixes up everything and still creates a clean, modern space. The key is maintaining a consistent and neutral color palette.

    Nothing matches, but they relate.The dining chairs are all mixed up, but they relate with a rustic vibe. Same with the mixed, modern lighting

    Bold lighting in a natural light-filled modern kitchen.

    While nothing outshines the skylight and abundant natural light, this modern kitchen also does an amazing job with lighting.

    Inside, there's bold black pendant lighting. This home also has a beautiful extension off the kitchen which provides another lighting opportunity. The rustic wall lights work well with the overall design.

    Modern kitchen with a table lamp and mini pendants over the island.

    Would you consider a table lamp in the kitchen? According to this modern kitchen above, maybe you should....

    The mix between modern table lamps and pendant lights make a perfect pair for any space. 

    Images from Vtwonen, Cote MaisonLauren Nelson

  • Modern Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

    Add a little elegant drama to your bedroom with a modern chandelier. Here's some pretty ideas...

    Modern chandelier in an eclectic bedroom.

    While there are eclectic elements to this modern bedroom above, the interesting and modern chandelier provides a gorgeous 'wow' factor.

    This space above works so well because the large chandelier relates perfectly to the rusty color palette. It's ok to go big and oversized, but make sure both the style and color (or material) work well with the rest of the room.

    Crystal chandelier with exposed brick.

    You don't have to go over-sized to make a statement. This delicate chandelier works well in this simple, small bedroom.

    This crystal chandelier style dresses up a simple, modern bedroom. It works really well against the rustic, exposed brick. Don't forget to use what you already have to design your space.

    Mini crystal chandelier in Scandinavian-style bedroom.

    This Scandinavian-style bedroom above features a chandelier so small you don't even see it. But, you do. And it's gorgeous.

    When you're working with crystals, you don't need much to add elegance. This super-small chandelier looks great agains that grey wall with rustic floors beneath.

    Images from La Dolce Vita, Lonny, Ultralinx

  • Stylish Master Bedroom Ideas

    You feel tired at the end of the day, which is why the design of your master bedroom is so important. Finish your day right...

    Master bedroom with chic lighting.

    One way to step up your master bedroom design is with a 'wow' factor chandelier. If you want to add personality to chic, then mix up your lighting...

    While not expected, a stylish floor lamp is a great option for bedside. They take less space and look cool.

    Master bedroom with gallery wall.

    Usually, gallery walls take up a centered space on any given wall, or an entire wall, but why not create an asymmetrical design with your art?

    This bedroom above does a nice job achieving a relaxed look while still keeping it clean and modern.

    Keep your bedroom even more relaxed by keeping it cool with a breezy modern ceiling fan. A white fan would fit perfectly in this room.

    Modern bedroom with reading corner.

    A space not centered around the bed is just as important to consider. Not only do you see the rest of the room every time you're in bed, but it's also more functional to have multiple places to relax.

    An industrial style floor lamp is paired perfectly with a modern lounge chair, fitting that corner nicely.

    Images from Coco Lapine Design, Avenue Lifestyle, Casework

  • Chic Curb Appeal With Lighting

    Whether you just moved or are planning to move, step up your curb appeal with lighting. Here's some ideas for you...

    Modern entryway with close to ceiling lights.

    The architecture above is stunning, but that doesn't mean lighting the way isn't important...

    Close to ceiling lights are great when you don't want to interrupt the surrounding design.

    Party lights for the front of the house with flowers and greenery in terracotta pots in the background.

    Party lights are so versatile, including adding some style to your front entrance.

    While the cluster of pots and adorable architecture raise the level of curb appeal for this home, the party lights provide a great detail.

    Modern barn lighting for the side entryway of a white brick home.

    Don't forget the side of the house! The lighting and small details are important on the side of the house as well, even if you can't see it from the street...

    Images from Contemporist, Fox on the Run, Style Me Pretty

September, 2016