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  • Small Space Inspiration: Moscow Apartment

    When it comes to interior design, size does not matter. 

    This 590 square-foot  Moscow apartment is filled with small space inspiration and proof that no matter how small your space is, your design can be powerful.

    Small Space Inspiration - Moscow Apartment

    Modern home in Moscow.

    Do you have a small space, low ceilings...?

    Don't worry, use the space you do have and take some inspirational cues from this small space in Moscow.

    The long console helps the space look larger horizontally, especially due to its white color and flanking white walls.

    Stylish modern floor lamps are great in a small space. They provide great lighting, take up little floor space and can be moved easily. 

    While design is always in the details, this matters more in a small space.

    Modern floor lamp

    Interior design details.

    If you're not happy with the size of your space, make a statement using contrast. Like new mixed with something old, metal with natural materials...

    The small space inspiration from this Moscow apartment is a great example. It helps us see the how beautiful mixing materials with rustic wall, wood floors and white brick walls can be.

    It also brings attention to the minimal, yet dynamic modern wall art choices.

    Bottom line, brilliant details in a modern space make big impact. 

     Small space kitchen inspiration

    White kitchen with modern bar stools.

    The beautiful console design from the living space is mimicked in the kitchen design.

    A great small space inspiration: keep it simple and consistent. 

    The black modern bar stools pop against the white built-ins and grey furnishings.

    The design brilliantly takes focus off the lack of space and focuses on the impressive interior architecture.

    So take note of the small space inspiration from this Moscow apartment. 

    All images from Dwell

  • Modern Bohemian Home Style

    One of the most fun design style combinations is bohemian and modern.

    There is so much contrast, yet so much in common.

    Let's take a look...

    Modern bohemian

    When in doubt, just use lots of textures.

    The bohemian style is about collections, old and new, soft and rough, etc.

    There's no better way to express this collective style than through a mixture of textures.

    But, in order to keep it modern, try not to create too much clutter.

    An easy way to add some  modern bohemian style is to use a  stylish brass table lamp that mixes metal with natural material. 

    The vignette above is not minimal, by any means, but it's also very clean and all the elements are carefully placed, reducing the clutter look.

     Modern bohemian entryway

    If you don't want the maximalist look and want your bohemian style to lean more toward a modern aesthetic, then keep it a bit more minimal. 

    Instead, rely on modern home textiles with patterns. A  modern bohemian style accent pillow, throw or area rug will do the trick. 

    The top of the modern console is great example of minimalist work. It is  perfectly adorned with a little texture (wood and greenery) without being too busy.

    Modern bohemian breakfast nook

    While it works for pretty much any home style, adding flowers to your decor is a beautiful detail.

    Flowers add colors and textures, two of the bohemian style staples.

    The woven wood chairs above are also perfect for the modern, bohemian style, adding clean lines and textures.

    All images from The Glitter Guide

  • An Artist's Modern Home in Georgia

    When you see art you like, do you ever wonder about the life of that artist? What their home looks like... Here's one artist's chic, modern home in Georgia.

    Kristen Giorgi in her contemporary living room.

    Modern home in Georgia.

    The home of artist Kristen Giorgi is modern, minimal and classic. There's a perfect mix of materials throughout her modern furniture pieces, and of course beautiful art on the walls.

    Traditional dining room design with contemporary Jonathan Adler chandelier above the table.

    Classic dining room with beautiful lighting.

    Her dining room is full of classic style. While the black drapery and table bring the drama, you can always count on a beautiful chandelier to add elegance.

    Lastly, a beautiful dining room would not be complete without a stylish bar cart...

    Modern art hanging above a chic all-white bed in a modern bedroom.

    Modern art in a chic bedroom.

    There's no shortage of modern art throughout the home, like these beautiful pieces above her bed. 

    The plush bedding pairs perfectly with modern table lamps and lacquered nightstands bedside.

    All images from The Glitter Guide

  • Industrial Style Lighting For the Bathroom

    Let's talk about the industrial design style. We are getting pretty close to 2017 and it looks like industrial home decor is here for good. That being said, we're pretty happy to point out that lighting is a really easy way to address this style.

    Industrial style bathroom with white subway tile and slate floors featuring industrial sconces flanking the mirror.

    Industrial lighting style for the bathroom.

    The bathroom might be one of the most fun rooms to design with this style in mind, so let's take a look at a few greats.

    All white bathroom with traditional hexagon tile and industrial lighting.

    All white bathroom with industrial lighting.

    Lots of tile and mixed metals will help you achieve any of these looks. Pay attention to how industrial bathroom lighting contributes to all of these designs. It can be both elegant and discreet. 

    Wile the top image and the one above are very different looks, notice how the mixing of materials is a great way to achieve the industrial look. While the bathroom above features mostly chrome hardware, the wall sconce is a more distressed, brown metal.

    Contemporary bathroom design with brass industrial pendant.

    Pendant lighting for industrial style design.

    You don't have to have a busy, eclectic design to have an industrial aesthetic. You can also have a very clean space like the one above, while still featuring industrial features with lighting and materials. Industrial style pendant lighting is a great way to achieve a streamlined industrial look.

    Images from Apartment Therapy, My Domaine, SF GirlbyBay

October, 2016