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  • Modern Home Design with Pastel Colors

    Bold design comes in all sizes and shades. You don't have to design a black and white space to make a modern statement. It can be soft with pastel colors like this beautiful home in Denmark.

    Modern Danish home decorated in pastel colors

    Modern home using pastel colors

    Sometimes modern can be fresh instead of bold. This home features many crisp colors, including Rose Quartz, this year's Pantone pick. The white walls and floors create a beautiful platform for anyone who loves color.

    Scandinavian style dining room with mismatched chairs

    Mixed chairs in a modern dining room

    Eye-catching modern lighting, creative shelving and mixed chairs add so much personality to this dining room. It's perfect for someone who loves design, but also kids. The best thing you can do with an environment full of kids is keep it interesting!

    Covered porch with day bed and modern chrome pendant

    Modern covered patio

    The natural light is an undeniable factor to this bright home. Make sure to embrace the strengths in your home. This Danish home celebrates the sunlight with lots of windows and white walls!

    All images from French by Design

  • Tips for Buying Lighting Online

    Tips for Buying Lighting Online

    When shopping for the perfect light fixture online there are few important factors to consider.  

    These are our top 4 tips to consider when  buying lighting online. 

    1. Buy from a reputable retailer.

    Euro Style Lighting has been in business for more than 10 years. We are very proud to offer some of the finest European style lighting designs, from modern lamps and outdoor lighting to innovative ceiling light fixtures and chandeliers, complemented by a curated selection of contemporary and classic modern furniture designs. We are owned and operated by Universal Distributing L.L.C., a distributor and retailer of decorative specialty lighting and fine home decor, based in Porter Ranch, California.

    2. Utilize tools like LIVE chat to have your questions answered immediately.

    Tools like LIVE Chat allows you to ask those questions that might not be answered on the website without having for call or send an email. This is a real time feature that we have found that our customers really like. 

    3. Compare shipping cost.

    Some sites offer free shipping while others charge. We offer free shipping on most orders.

    4. Know the return policy.

    Some retailers will charge you fees for returning a product or not accept online returns. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you may return it within 60 days.

    Please note that some conditions apply and not all products are eligible for return. Returns should be shipped in the original packing. All shipping charges on purchases and returns are non-refundable. There is no re-stocking fee on returned items, but there is a $50 fee for returned items with cut wires or loose crystal. Please note that Blanket Wrap items are not eligible for returns.

    You must receive a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) from us prior to return shipping your item. Please follow the instructions on our policy page, or use LIVE chat.


    By following considering these important factors when shopping for the perfect light fixture online you are sure to smooth and hassle-free experience. 

  • How to Find the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

    When it comes to mirrors, bathrooms are where we spend the most time enjoying them.

    Whether you’re just brushing your teeth, getting ready for the day, or prepping for a major event, having the proper bathroom mirror is key.

    Many bathroom mirrors are poorly chosen or configured and don’t really do their job.

    Here are few things to keep in mind to make sure you make the best decision on a bathroom mirror.

    Modern Bathroom

    1. Go Big!

    You don’t want to be frustrated by a bathroom mirror that is too small.

    A powder room can handle a smaller above sink mirror, but in your main bathroom, you want to be able to see a lot.

    Aim for a mirror large enough to show at least all of your upper body, and maybe large enough to see someone next to you.

    Choose a large bathroom mirror that reasonably fits your space.

    Glam Bathroom

    2. Keep it simple.

    Decorative mirrors come in so many different styles, it can be easy to be swayed by a bold option with a complex frame.

    Framed mirrors can be great in some rooms, but don’t typically work in bathrooms.

    Hot and steamy bathrooms can be disastrous to wood or metal frames, causing damage fairly quickly.

    Bathroom mirrors are really meant for utility.

    Consider a frameless mirror, or a simple one with a mirrored frame.

    Sleek Contemporary Bathroom

    3. Lighting!

    A bathroom can instantly be improved with good lighting, and can make all the difference.

    A poorly lit bathroom can be very frustrating, and can result in uneven makeup or shaving.

    Check out a lighted bathroom mirror for a close up look at your face.

    These lights can not only provide a light source to the bathroom itself, but come in handy for precise jobs.

    Mirrors can be great at reflecting natural light from a window, or from bold ceiling fixtures or sconces. 

    Floor Length Mirror

    4. Add a floor mirror

    In addition to a vanity mirror, you may want to add a full-length floor mirror to a wall.

    This is key to checking out your whole body.

    You can add it to the back of a bathroom door, or on any open wall.

    The same rules apply to this mirror, including lighting, and a simple frame.

    Bathroom mirrors are key to an enjoyable home experience.

    Create your dream bathroom with a beautiful, and practical, mirror.

    With a little searching, you’ll find the perfect bathroom mirror.

  • Sun-Filled Home in Boston

    For those of us who love nature, but no so much the harsh sun, this  home is the perfect balance.

    Check out this Boston home with an inspiring sun room...

     Modern sunroom in Boston home.

    Modern sunroom in Boston home.

    Summer is here so bring on the beautiful, light-filled rooms. This sun room above tops the charts with a great mix of furniture styles and plants for days... Not only are there windows on every side, there's also some sunlights to top it off.

    The room is pretty at night too though, so they didn't forget a stylish pendant light to finish off the room design. 

     Sun-filled modern living room.

    Sun-filled modern living room.

    While it features less natural light than the sunroom, the living room is still bright and airy with a neutral design palette. They made a great decision to keep the pendant light closer to the ceiling so that the 'wow' factor wall mirror could stand out.

     Dining room with modern pendant lighting.

    Dining room with modern pendant lighting.

    There is no shortage of modern lighting in this stylish home. The best part about open-space designed layouts is that you can enjoy the design in nearby rooms. That being said, it's important to remember that each room should be considered individually based on its needs, while also considering the overall home style.

    All images from Apartment Therapy

  • Stylish Crystal Pendant Lighting

    Crystal pendant lighting is an easy way of bringing modern decor into any home. Crystal lighting creates a brilliant shine that reflects light throughout the room.

    Chandeliers look beautiful in an entryway or dining room, as well as unconventional spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Any place you need dynamic light, crystal pendant lighting is a great choice.

    Crystal pendant lighting comes in a variety of styles, and these are some of our favorites.

    crystal pendant chandelier

    Stylish crystal pendants make a bold statement.

    Give your home the “wow factor” with a dramatic crystal pendant lighting fixture from the Possini Euro Design Lighting Collection. Each of the icicles on this fixture are clear art glass graced with one strip amber, blue or green. The halogen light in the center bounces off the glass pieces and dances with color and brilliance.This modern chandelier creates a dynamic light that brings sparkle to any room. Each halogen light bulb is small in size and designed to be hidden among the sculpted glass. This graceful pendant light brings a fresh breath of elegance to your modern home.

    Crystals chandelier

    Crystals create a sparkling design that reflects light throughout the room.

    You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with a stylish crystal pendant lighting. Redefine your living space with the glamorous Bethany crystal LED pendant light. The two-tier design features clear crystal wrapped rings that can be positioned at different heights for a beautiful look that is personalized to your design style and home decor. From the Possini Euro Design lighting collection of energy-efficient LED lighting.

    Modern crystal pendant chandelier

    Gleaming crystal squares and finished in a sleek chrome.

    Simple crystal pendant lighting shows off what crystals do best – shine.This glamorous pendant chandelier is made of glittering hanging clear crystals that brilliantly reflect light.This fixture looks excellent in entryways, dining rooms, and bedrooms, or any other living space that needs a bit of glamour.Treat yourself to style just as impressive as you are with this gorgeous crystal pendant lighting.

    Crystal pendant lighting ranges from dramatic and glamorous to understated and chic.No matter your home decor, there’s sure to be a crystal pendant light that’s perfect for you and your home.

November, 2016