Finding a dream job is one thing, but being able to work somewhere with dream design is even better. The Cisco offices in San Francisco is a perfect example. 

 Cisco office design in San Francisco.

Cisco office design in San Francisco.

Who wouldn't want to spend forty hours a week in this place, with it's cool carpet tiles, fun seating, gorgeous modern lighting and architecture?!

The best work spaces have somewhere for those who want to mingle can do so, while those who want to work have a more quiet space. Studio O+A designed a communal space that was inspiring and promoted communication among workers.

 Staircase at Cisco offices.

Staircase at Cisco offices.

Rather than ignored, empty space is designed. This wood platform is perfect for "water cooler" chatting, available for employees coming and going.

Everywhere you look, details are considered, from the carpet design to the magnificent lighting.

  Cisco offices

 Cisco offices.

It's not so unusual for great design to go hand-in-hand with employee happiness.

Especially when you're allowed to bring your pet, bike all the way to your office and lounge in beautiful seating!

Images from Archdaily