Whether you have a large space that needs to be organized or a small space that needs defining, stylish room dividers are not easy to design. Here's some fun ideas.

 Room divider ideas for modern style

Room divider ideas for modern style.

This modern home above seems to have distinguishable rooms, but just wanted a little more separation between the stairs and the dining room.

The key to this divider is that it still allows you to see the beautiful dining room, including the cool pendant lighting, while just adding a bit of privacy to the dining area.

 Linen drapery room divider

Linen drapery room divider.

Maybe you want something that can separate rooms entirely, but easy to remove as well? This linen drapery in the middle of the two spaces is a beautiful solution.

While the actual window treatments are white and allow the lighting in, the room dividing drapery is a bit darker, while still staying true to the overall color palette.

 Geometric room divider

Geometric room divider.

If you're going to use a room divider, may as well have it add to the overall home style. This chic design is modern and geometric like the rest of the decor.

This design works so well because of the high ceilings and the opportunity to get a good pattern repeat. If the design were something solid, it might be too overwhelming.

Images from Decoholic, Archdaily, Home Adore