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  • Blog Post: Indoor Outdoor Living in New Zealand

    The Castle Rock Beach House in New Zealand was designed by Herbst Architects is an amazing example of modern architecture and indoor outdoor living. The site is a rocky hillside that the architects decided to work with rather than grading the lot. The resulting lot is composed of two volumes, one...
  • Blog Post: Indoor-Outdoor Living in Temozón Mexico

    The Temozón House in Yucatan, Mexico is an example of modern architecture that takes advantage of the opportunity for indoor-outdoor living. The sophisticated, yet welcoming home was built in 2013 and was designed by Carrillo Arquitectos y Associades. The cove-lit suspended ceiling creates...
  • Blog Post: Summer (Always) Dream Home

    Image from Matthew Segal via Residential Architect Magazine In beautiful La Jolla, a coastal enclave in sunny San Diego, summer seems to be a year-round phenomenon. So when it comes to a summer dream home, this beautiful shore-side masterpiece by Jonathan Segal Architect should more than fill my daydreams...

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