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  • Blog Post: Cool + Collected 1.2

    +Want to get a tattoo, but can't commit? Tattly offers temporary tattoos with style. These aren't your ordinary kids tattoos from years ago... +Richard Branson discusses the importance of design in branding over on Cool Hunting . +Not your typical Mexican getaway retreat.... We just couldn't...
  • Blog Post: Cool + Collected 1.1

    The Euro Style Lighting blogging team has decided to do a little round up for you each week. Think of it as a weekend read, some fun content for you to enjoy during your downtime... Here we go! +So, have you ever seen color photographs of Le Corbusier? Well, besides the one in this post?... Fast Company...
  • Blog Post: JF Chen: A Love For Eames

    As you know, here at ESL we are modern design enthusiasts, which is usually what we like to talk about. However, today we're going to acknowledge someone who enjoys going back in time to truly understand today's favorite modern elements. JF Chen is a curator of antiques with showroom locations...
  • Blog Post: Homeboy Industries: Providing Second Chances

    All last week we provided you with our team's recaps and experiences at the Dwell on Design event. We wrapped it all up yesterday with Annie's post about the Sander Architect's Green House . Today, I'd like to start back at the beginning and talk about what I discovered on my way to the...

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