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  • Blog Post: Design With Color!

    I am a sucker for color. I love to incorporate it into my home as much as possible but adding too much color or pairing it in the wrong way can make the room seem adolescent. I found these beautifully designed living rooms that have the perfect balance of vibrant color paired with a few neutral pieces...
  • Blog Post: Living With Modern Art + Home Decor

    When most people think about modern interiors or modern lofts they might think about something cold, raw, and industrial. But they're only fooling themselves. The use of soft pastel colors in modern art and home decor contrasts the stark white surfaces and concrete elements, creating an incredibly...
  • Blog Post: Modern Wall Art: Shantell Martin Draws On Everything

    The London based artist Shantell Martin , who is known for her stream-of-consciousness drawings, decided to create some modern wall art in her own Brooklyn bedroom and ended up make a big statement. Although she didn't set out to cover the entire room, she ended up covering the walls, ceilings, and...

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