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  • Blog Post: Stylish Design in a Kids Space

    Decorating for a kids doesn't mean you have to throw style out the door. I find that adding a few stylish anchor pieces, that work for any age, is the best way to achieve stylish design in a kids space. And for me, the best place to start is with lighting. Light fixtures always set the tenor for...
  • Blog Post: Family Living in Modern Homes

    Having kids doesn't mean having to throw in the towel and become a soccer mom. The modern family homes featured above set out to break the stereotype of family living. I personally love the idea of living in a modern home with a handful of kids running around. Growing up in a stylish enviroment exposes...
  • Blog Post: Layering Patterns With Modern Lighting to Create a Lively Home

    There is something to be said about the combination of stylish wallpaper and modern lighting. This pairing is often the very thing to take a space from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s easy to see how mixing really great lighting and a pretty pattern is appealing and welcoming to all members of...

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