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  • Blog Post: Modern Office Design by Make Creative

    Make Creative does modern office design and they do it well! When Make Creative was called to create a generous and innovative workspace for a collaborative team, they hit the nail on the head through the transformation of this industrial warehouse. The design of Unit B4 office spaces in Sydney, Australia...
  • Blog Post: Romantic Restaurant Design: A Brief History of Canalis

    I n the history of romantic restaurants, perhaps no place stands out in the minds of Modern lovers more than Seattle's Canlis. In 1950, Peter Canlis hired architect Roland Terry to realize his vision of building "the world’s most beautiful restaurant." These historic photos tell the...
  • Blog Post: The Science Behind Interior Design and Architecture

    Image from Architectural Digest The Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA is an icon of 20th century architecture. Why do we feel the way we do in the spaces we're in? How does interior design and architecture affect our mood? A recent conference in La Jolla, California, brought together leading...

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