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  • Blog Post: Modern Bohemian Home Style

    One of the most fun design style combinations is bohemian and modern. There is so much contrast, yet so much in common. Let's take a look... When in doubt, just use lots of textures. The bohemian style is about collections, old and new, soft and rough, etc. There's no better...
  • Blog Post: Industrial Chic is "In"

    The Industrial Chic style is definitely moving up the charts in terms of popularity.It has become trendy for people to live in former factories, warehouses and lofts and the Industrial Chic style just "fits" in these spaces that are full of exposed raw materials like brick, steel and concrete...
  • Blog Post: Top 5 Bathroom Design Trends in 2015

    Is a bathroom face-lift on your to-do/wish list? One way to get inspired for your next bathroom project is by looking at the latest bathroom design trends. Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most functional space in the home. Just because it's functional doesn't mean it can't be...

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