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  • Blog Post: Understanding Modern LED Lighting: Behind Numbers + Names

    Image from Bjorn Sorensen Modern LED lighting can seem very complex. There's a litany of numbers and names to understand: color temperatures, lumens, and watts. On the other hand, understanding modern LED lights can also be very simple: they either look good or they don't. Holtkoetter...
  • Blog Post: Tomorrow's LED: A Lighting Revolution

    "Think Different." Hasn't that become the de facto war cry of the digital age, ushered in ever so presciently in the early 90s by Apple Computer? Well, thinking differently isn't just for the the geek chic computer set anymore. A recent article in the New York Times suggests that...
  • Blog Post: LED Lighting: The Future Looks Bright

    Believe the hype: LED lighting can help you save money. When looked at holistically, factoring in the cost of electricity over the lifetime of the bulb, a house full of LED lights could actually save you hundreds of dollars. Let's do the math. LED Is for the Long Term According to GreenBiz...
  • Blog Post: Modern Design + Form + Function: Koncept Lighting

    We had a chat with the innovative designers at Koncept and we want to share it with you! We discussed modern design, the importance of form + function, as well as future ideas for Koncept. It all started a couple months ago when we attended the Dwell on Design event. At the event, we ran into Kenneth...

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