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  • Blog Post: Make a Bold Statement with Stylish Crystal Pendant Lighting

    Crystal pendant lighting is an easy way of bringing modern style into any home. Crystal lighting creates a brilliant shine that reflects light throughout the room. Crystal chandeliers look beautiful in an entryway or dining room, as well as unconventional spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Anyplace...
  • Blog Post: How To Choose Modern Lighting Fixtures for Your Living Room

    If you want to decorate your home with elegant modern style, start with a lighting plan. You’ll want versatile modern lighting fixtures with geometric edges and expertly formed circles and ovals. Your choice of lighting should guide the “theme” that applies to all the rooms in your...
  • Blog Post: A Guide to Modern Lighting for Ceilings

    If you are new to lighting your home, you may not know how to begin. If you don’t know your pendants from your recessed lighting, read this guide to help you find the perfect modern lighting for every room. Today, there is a huge variety of modern lighting options out there. Whether you have...

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