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  • Blog Post: Julius Shulman: Modern Photographer

    You've seen the style a thousand times...and chances are modern photographer Julius Shulman (1910-2009) had something to do with that. Following up on Cori's post Design in Style: Mid-Century Modern Roundup from yesterday, Mid-century Modernism is one of the most popular and recognizable design...
  • Blog Post: The Photographer Behind The Art

    As your resource for modern design, including modern lighting , furniture and home decor we can't help but appreciate great photography as artwork. You should no doubt be able to recognize all of these photographs because they represent historic moments in time, some happy and some solemn. They have...
  • Blog Post: Burning Man Festival 2012: Captured in Photos

    How many of you have had the incredible opportunity to experience Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock desert? Each year the photos prove that it's something everyone should experience just once. Burning Man Festival is a pop-up city so incredible that tens of thousands of people return to the...

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