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  • Blog Post: Our Favorite Types of Crystal Sconces

    Crystal sconces are an excellent choice for any home. The reflective crystals create a dynamic lighting effect, illuminating the entire room. Depending on the décor of your space, there are many options for crystal sconces , but these are a few of our favorites. Geometric Possini Euro...
  • Blog Post: An Industrial Chic Parisian Pizza Parlor

    Parisian pizza parlor - try saying that three times fast! Margherita is a new industrial chic restaurant in the trendy St. Germain-de-prés neighborhood on Paris' Left Bank. The restaurant, designed by Paris-based designer Laura Gonzalez, isn't's housed in a four-story...
  • Blog Post: Stylish European Style Bathrooms

    When you think of an European style bathroom, an image of a minimalist, straightforward design probably comes to mind. When it comes to design, everything is planned, down to the smallest detail. The lines and style of each element and their visual impact are considered during the design process...

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