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Keep track of your favorite products on our site by saving them as you go! Just click the "Add to Wish List" button on the page of any item that you like. Once you create a list, you can visit it at a later date or share it with family and friends.

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Wish List Help

Creating a New Wish List

Create your Wish List by browsing our site and adding product that you like. Just click on "Add to Wish List" on a product page. Once you have items in your Wish List, click on the "Save Wish List" button to save your list for viewing at a later date.

Adding Products to Your Wish List

From a product page just click on the "Add to Wish List" button. Your selection will be automatically placed in your Wish List. From the Wish List itself, just click on the "Continue Shopping" link near the top of the page to view additional product.

Updating and Saving Your Wish List

If you’ve not saved your list, just click the "Save Wish List" button to save your choices. You can do this at any time while you are in the Wish List section. Once you have saved your list, any additional items you add to it will be automatically saved.

Deleting Items from Your Wish List

Just click on the "Remove Item" link. This will automatically delete that specific item from your Wish List. Once an item is deleted it cannot be undone. You must go back to the product page to place it back in your Wish List.

"Compact View" and "Expanded View"

"Compact View" is a picture of your Wish List items side-by-side along with basic product information, such as the product name and price. "Expanded View" includes the full product description. You can print or email your Wish List in either view.

Emailing Your Wish List to a Friend

You can share your choices with friends, family, designers and contractors simply and easily. Click the "Share Wish List" link on the top right of the page, then input your email and the email address of the person you’d like to receive your list. You can also add a personal greeting or message at this time.

Printing Your Wish List

Print your Wish List by clicking the "Print Wish List" link on the top right of the page. This will make sure that the proper formatting is maintained on your printed document. Printing in the "Compact View" is a quick and easy way to view a number of products side-by-side. Printing in "Expanded View" includes product descriptions.

I Need Help Using My Wish List

We’re here to help! Contact us and one of our trained product specialists will be happy to assist you.

*Free shipping available in the lower 48 contiguous United States only; Freight, white glove and threshold shipping items may be excluded.